New Year, New Simplicity

A new year is here!  It’s a time where we can make a fresh start,and focus on new goals to meet.  The husband and I have set a few goals for the year:

1.) Pay off our consumer debt.  We have some credit card debt that we would like to be rid of.  Unfortunately, it may take longer than the year to get rid of it.  After making a fresh budget for the year, we are set to be debt free as of Feb 2014.  That gives us 13 months.  It sure didn’t take that long to rack it up!!

2.)  Simplify our life.  We are a military family.  I have my suspicions that it should be easier to maintain a simplified lifestyle when we’re packing up and moving every 24-36 months.  I an only imagine what our house would look life if we weren’t forced to pack it and unpack it all so often.  Yikes.  I shudder at the thought.

So what exactly do we mean by “simplify?”  Specifically, we will be passing along what we don’t use or need anymore to lessen the clutter and simplify the way we live.

3.)  Become more self-sufficient.  At our last duty station, I had an amazing garden.  I had a compost heap, grew lots of veggies, herbs, and a few fruits.  I knew it was time to get it going again when my kids asked why weren’t growing our own food anymore.

4.) Become less dependent on “commercial” products:  toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, laundry and dish soap, etc.

The husband is gone fairly often because of his job, so the majority of the actual “simplifying” rests with me.  And since the cleaning and running of the house rests with me,I’m excited to take on any challenge that will help to simplify my circus of a life.


Note To Self

dr-seussI have to remember that it is OKAY to swim against the flow. It’s okay that I have bold opinions and I enjoy simplifying my life. I am not a social butterfly. I sometimes feel like there is something wrong with not going out and socializing with friends every day of the week- especially when the husband it out. But I am a quiet, simple person. I would rather enjoy my days with my family. And I get more enjoyment in free/inexpensive activities because I would rather save towards our goals.

I stand up for what I know is right for people every where, even if it doesn’t affect me. I don’t support dirty companies, I grow my own food, I use cloth diapers, I encourage the use of food and natural methods over medicines and vaccines.

I love the military life that we have. I am thankful every day that I am lucky enough to get to raise my children overseas and give them new experiences. But it can be so exhausting to have to make new friends every time. Just when I have found people that are either like-minded or accept me for the person I am, it’s either time for us or them to PCS. Just because I love the military life don’t mean it’s always easy.