Simple Breakfast

We all know that GMO foods are a problem. If you’re not familiar with it, click here:

GMO corn is EVERYWHERE and it’s hard to escape.  We also know that most cereals are corn based.  So if the corn itself is made to kill the pests that try to eat it, what is it doing to our bodies when we in turn eat that corn?  We might not drop dead on the spot, but we have plenty of microorganisms in our bodies that are smaller than the pest that dropped dead from trying to eat the corn while still on the stalk.

Here is a simple, inexpensive, and yummy breakfast that has become a staple for us.  My kids are “cereal converts” that eat this almost every morning before school and love it!

Okay, so the science isn’t exact, but here’s the gist of it:

We buy plain whole oats (not the “quick cook” kind).  I daydream of buying organic oats for my children, but we still have to pick and choose on our budget.  And even though we are lucky that our Commissary even sells organic oats, it’s a tiny bag that we would blow through in less than a week.

So anyway, I have a glass jar that I fill up with as much oatmeal as I can fit.  Then I add a couple of teaspoons of cinnamon, and about a 1/4 as much nutmeg.  This also depends on the size of your jar, so you may have to play around a bit until you’ve found the right balance for your taste.  We like a little extra cinnamon in ours.  Shake it all up, and oh my goodness, you have your own flavored oatmeal!  Minus the weird chemical ingredients, and artificial flavors and colors of the pre-packaged kind.

When it comes time to cook, I dish it out in their bowl, and add either a little spoonful of raw honey, or sometimes a few drops or (real) maple syrup before pouring the boiling water over.

It’s warm for our chilly winter mornings, it is so yummy, and most importantly, it is REAL food that will stick in their tummies and keep them going all morning.


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