A Simplified Toy Box

Just how much do my children truly need?

After Christmas, I realized that my kids have so much, that they aren’t able to enjoy what they have.  The messes around here were becoming a total nightmare.  They had so much that they couldn’t maintain their own rooms and it was sucking the fun out of the house. For the sake of everyone’s sanity, I HAD to simplify this house.

I have spent the last few weeks going through each of their rooms.  I took out clothing that was too small (or would be too small by the time weather permitted its wearing again), outgrown, and broken toys.

My allergies were a mess, I was exhausted, and I’m pretty sure my neighbors thought I was a drug dealer with all of the traffic at my door selling toys and clothes on our local FB “for sale” page.

After all of the sorting, cleaning, and organizing, they have all been playing with the wooden toy set more than anything.  It seems that the toys that are the simplest, have no flashing lights and songs to play get the most love around here.


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