Love This Life

The first time the husband brought up marrying me, we talked about what marrying a sailor meant. It would mean picking up and moving every few years, leaving friends behind, making new friends, seeing new places, never really having a “home” outside of where you are currently stationed.  I am okay with it.  Growing up in San Diego, the military was always all around me.  My Grandfather is a retired Captain, my other Grandfather served as an SK for a few years.  My sister served, my cousin (attempted) to serve but didn’t make it past boot camp (another story for another day).  I wasn’t marrying the Navy, I just wanted to marry the husband.  This lifestyle is what comes with being married to my best friend.

This life has its moments that make me a little crazy, but for the most part, I absolutely love it.  I lived in the SAME apartment that I was BORN in for 17 years.  I had traveled once to Ohio in the 7th grade.

And now, I have lived in so many cities, and even better, my children have been all over the world!



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