Note To Self

dr-seussI have to remember that it is OKAY to swim against the flow. It’s okay that I have bold opinions and I enjoy simplifying my life. I am not a social butterfly. I sometimes feel like there is something wrong with not going out and socializing with friends every day of the week- especially when the husband it out. But I am a quiet, simple person. I would rather enjoy my days with my family. And I get more enjoyment in free/inexpensive activities because I would rather save towards our goals.

I stand up for what I know is right for people every where, even if it doesn’t affect me. I don’t support dirty companies, I grow my own food, I use cloth diapers, I encourage the use of food and natural methods over medicines and vaccines.

I love the military life that we have. I am thankful every day that I am lucky enough to get to raise my children overseas and give them new experiences. But it can be so exhausting to have to make new friends every time. Just when I have found people that are either like-minded or accept me for the person I am, it’s either time for us or them to PCS. Just because I love the military life don’t mean it’s always easy.


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