The Land Of The Rising Sun

ImageIt has been a dream to live in Japan. When we were given the chance to get orders to Sasebo, we jumped on it.  Life here is so different from the United States.  For one, 7-11 is very misleading.  There are no Slurpees in sight.  However, if I were interested in some boiled octopus on a stick, I would be in heaven!  

The people here are very sweet, kind, helpful, and love children.  My kids are still getting used to people walking up to touch their hair and skin and call them “kawaii,” which means “cute” in Japanese.  Normally I would wrestle a stranger to the ground for offering food to my children, but here it’s a common occurrence and done in the best of intentions.  They have learned to accept the dried shrimp snacks and say thank you.  


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