Waffles & Karate


Okay, so here we are tootin’ down the LA 55 on our way back from the kids’ karate tournament in Baton Rouge.  The kids did exceptionally well, and the big surprise was our five year old bringing in two medals his first time up as a Junior white belt, and a fresh Tiger Cub grad.  He took third in sparring, and first in form!  I’m obviously a very proud mom.

It’s been a good weekend.  We stayed at the La Quinta in Walker, LA, Friday and Saturday night.  Free of course because we cashed in our La Quinta points (that my husband racks up on work trips…work foots the bill, we collect the points….muahahahaha!) 

Anywhoozit, the hotel was such a pleasant stay. Super clean, great staff, nice pool, good breakfast (fresh waffles are the kids’ favorite second to the swimming pool) and our favorite is that Albert (our 7 lb guard dog) is always free and welcome.  
I’m beginning to feel like we travel enough that I’m becoming a bit of a good v. bad hotel expert. 

You want to know about bad?  Ask me about our stay last year in Jackson, MS…

So that was our weekend. It’s always fun to do something as a family when our weeks are so crazy, especially in support of the kids.

We started taking the kids to karate on a whim to break the cabin fever when we first got to NOLA in January ’10…we had no idea they would end up doing so well!


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