Holiday shop-a-pa-looza

What is wrong with me when I think that going grocery shopping the day before Christmas is a smart idea?

Because I am a competitor’s ad toting, coupon waiving, off brand shopper, I like to go to the store that will offer the best discounts.  And evidentally, so does everybody else.  To be honest, my original dumb thought was that on the morning before Christmas, everyone would be at home and I’d be free to shop at least until the other shoppers got out of their PJs and out the door by the afternoon! 

I can’t remember the last time I believed something so whole-heartedly, only to be shot down when I turned into the parking lot.  Oh yeah, and I thought taking the baby along for the ride would be a splendid idea! 

Okay, so the baby part didn’t turn out to be a bad idea.  If anything, he kept me entertained while I waited to compare prices on barbecue sauce ($1.49?  Seriously?  No…I’ll just make some at home, thank you).  And he even kept me from shouting an expletive or two whenever the latest cart pusher ran into my achilles.

Even in all the mayhem, when I got to the checkout I had my grocery bags ready for the checker, a giant stack o’ coupons, and the competitor’s ads so that I could save an extra .07 cents on my bread.

We can really see what we are made of as penny-pinchers when the heat is on, and the three customers behind you start sighing heavily and rolling their eyes as you double-check the sale price on the those crackers.

Happy pinching!


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