No Fast Food December…The Hump

Okay, so here we are half way through the month…

So far, we have eaten at a sit down restaurant once (awesome Mexican food)…and had pizza delivery once (it was late, I was tired).  I’m pretty sure that under a general consensus, the pizza counts as fast food.  For the most part, it’s been pretty easy considering I am a stay-at-homer that doesn’t really look forward to leaving the base we live on. 

There are no fast food places (as of yet) on our base, making it even easier.  Our new commissary will open up in February though, along with a food court that will no doubt include brand name fast food.

So for now, we are all doing okay.  In the end, it isn’t about avoiding fast food all together, I think it’s really a lesson in moderation for the nutritional value, and as a means to really see just how expensive convenience can be.

16 more days…


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