No Fast Food December

Everyone knows how convenient Fast Food is…that’s why it’s Fast Food.  But perhaps it would be less appealing if we were to start refering to it as “Fat Food?”  Just a thought…anyway…a friend of ours has come up with an excellent idea that comes with many benefits.  He has declared December to be “Fast Food Free.”  I thought it was a great idea.  Having three children, getting enough sleep, clean clothes, clean dishes, and three square meals is sometimes a challenge (and how about a shower before 3 pm?).

But the greater challenge is affording those three nutrionally sound meals, for a family of five, seven days a week without breaking the bank.  Along with all those busy days, comes the challenge of not picking up quick food from a window. 

We really don’t eat out all that much to begin with, but I still look forward to a renewed challenge of further cut backs.  My fear?  Not being able to fight the appeal of a hot pizza being delivered to my door after a long day…let’s face it, whether I make it, or Domino’s makes it, we love pizza like a bunch of college kids around here!


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