Cutt-off the Jones’ and avoid the spend-emic

It’s not like we just don’t spend money at all or are a family of Scrooges over here- because we’re not.  We believe in living debt free (or close to it), not spending money unecessarily, and paying CASH. 

My Grandpa is a man of few words, but he once grumbled something that has always stuck with me: “If you can’t pay for it yourself, right now, you can’t afford it.”

We scrimp and save and eat the off-brands all year so that we can have a nice car, my husband can watch sports on his ridiculously large TV (I don’t really need to watch Sesame Street in HD, but okay…) and we would never even consider taking a vacation on credit.

I have included a link to an interview on ABC’s “Money Matters” with Jeff Yeager (most well known as The Ultimate Cheapskate).  He discusses the “evils” of impulse buying and how to avoid falling prey to them.

So next time you’re in the store, and you pick something up that you had no idea you so desperately needed before seeing it, think about whether you really need it, and how much all of your impulse buys add up in a week/month/year.  Where could you go on vacation with the money spent on impulse buys?  How many semesters of college could you help put your kids through? 

The average income World Wide is $7,000.  with only about 19% of the world’s population even living in a country with a per capita income that high (“Boston Globe”).

Just keep that in mind the next time you’re eyeballing the next techno-whoozit you had no idea you needed.  Put it down and back away slowly…Take a breather, and leave it at the store- especially if you can’t pay for it outright. 

Average Earnings Worldwide.” The Boston Globe. The Boston Globe, 07 Oct 2006. Web. 7 Nov 2010.      <


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