We made it over the hump

I was worried that not spending would make this week a long one: trying to figure out what to do with the kids and how to keep my wallet shut.  It has been suprisingly easy.  My biggest worry was that I would have to break out some cash to fill up the rental tank with a little gas because my car would be out of the shop on Monday.  Well, it’s Wednesday, and shockingly, my car isn’t ready yet. 

Today, strapped for ideas for dinner and working from what was left in the cabinets, I came up with a well accepted and quickly devoured Tortilla Soup.  I used a recipe I had once torn out of a magazine from my Dentist’s office in Eugene last year (she said I could!) but added my own twist to it.  The kid’s ate it up, yes, even the pickiest little blonde one asked for seconds.   I am just glad I still had some homemade vegetable stock left in the freezer because water is for soaking dishes, not soup.

Some of our best loved dishes around here have come from nothing.  Eating in and using the food I have already paid for with my husband’s hard earned money is always more cost effective, and a healthier option than eating out.

So, we have managed to make it over hump-day and I have just as many pennies and lint in my wallet as I did when I woke up Monday morning.

Happy Fiscal Free Week!


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