I Take Mine Saved, Not Spent Please

As most that know me already know, I am a big proponent of not having to fork over a sack of money to enjoy myself and I don’t think anyone else should have to either.  When we were kids, my parents always found ways to take us out and have a good time all the while spending little or nothing at all.  We went to the park, the beach or free events around town.  I would have no idea how much I love Greek food had they not taken me to a free Greek Festival! 

This Monday begins my second annual “Fiscally Free Week.”  It comes in the second half of our free vacation downtown, so I will have to get a little more creative this year.  Not to mention we have a third child that we didn’t have last year- but he doesn’t cost much and just likes to tag along for the ride anyway. 

This week’s focus will be on what we did each day WITHOUT spending money, and hopefully we will make it to Sunday before running out of gas or starving to death.

So in that spirit, I’ll take my money saved, not spent please.  Thank you.


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