A Vacation In My Own City

We were graciously offered a free chance to stay at a swanky downtown New Orleans condo smack in the middle of the French Quarter.  My mom’s friends have it for two weeks out of the year, but only stayed for the first week and were nice enough to offer it up to me and my circus for the remaining time.  We are definitely going down there for tonight, and possibly Sunday night.

Yes, I have a Kindergartener, but what kind of a parent would I be if I didn’t endorse the ocassional hooky and teach him something from the big book of life instead? 

I will definitely be bringing some of our own food because A) there is a kitchen, and I’ve already spent money on food and B) as yummy as food is in New Orleans I would have to take three children in to eat somewhere which sounds both costly and sketchy sanity-wise. 

The downside?  Parking is $20 ($20?!?) and I cringe at the thought of handing over Mr. Jackson to a complete stranger to house the car. 

Cross your fingers for free, or substantially cheaper street parking!


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